Digital, high resolution mechanical stress measurement.



  • digital stress measurement
  • high resolution
  • magnitude and orientation of stress
  • repeatable, quantitative measurement
  • usable for 6 sigma quality control
Drempolar uses a novel technique for determining – in transparent materials – the mechanical stress pattern invisible to human eyes, with high precision, independently from the orientation of the sample.

Drempolar measures stress based on the optical birefringence of the material. This provides high resolution map of the magnitude and orientation of stress within the material. The measurement is repeatable as it provides a quantitative analysis of the distribution of stress.

Based on the above properties of Drempolar, it is especially suited for research purposes or can be integrated into 6 sigma quality control systems.

The Drempolar system is used by GE Lighting at several locations worldwide. Our company also provides measurement services with Drempolar devices, please contact us for more information!

Magyar nyelvű Drempolar kiértékelő alkalmazás / Hungarian Drempolar application (win32)
Angol nyelvű Drempolar kiértékelő alkalmazás / English Drempolar application (win32)

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