Visual quality inspection system for the lighting industry.

Drem Grade Flare Screen
  • fast visual inspection
  • continuous monitoring
  • speed: 3300 flare per hour
  • 4 classification categories
  • pneumatic sorting to bins
  • trend analysis
  • limit and jam alert
  • network database logging

The DremGradeFlare visual quality inspection system is using a novel approach for flare quality checking, which can filter out defective products more effectively than conventional mechanical qualification machines. It provides unprecedented levels of precision and facilitates 100% qualification of glass flares in different lighting applications.

The system uses special light sources with twin cameras for visually measuring all relevant production parameters of glass flares. This enables continuous monitoring of flare production machines at 3300 flares per hour. The equipment sorts the flares into 4 different categories and pneumatically distributes them into the relevant bins.

The display provides trend analysis for the machine operator for easy adjustment of flare production. It also features light alerts for limit crosses and jams, and logs all data into a networked database.

The main customer of the DremGradeFlare system was GE Lighting at Vác, Hungary, where more than a dozen systems were installed and operated for years.

Drem Grade Flare disk