Automatic, digital measurement and imaging of cloud-cover.

Cloud Detector
  • portable, weather proof
  • automatic measurements
  • cloud cover
  • relative cloud-base height

The Cloud Detector equipment uses wide field of view imaging polarimetry for cloud cover measurements. The polarization patterns help our algorithms to detect cloudiness with higher accuracy and higher reliability compared to other cloud detectors. Polarimetry also help us estimate cloud-base height distribution on the visible sky dome.

The equipment has a rugged, thermally regulated and weatherproof enclosure, and is ready for deployment at any location worldwide. The system is capable of autonomous operation, can be programmed for measurement campaigns, and can be network connected for data retrieval.

The equipment is a product of our partner Estrato Ltd.

The system has already proven successful at several measurement campaigns including a trans-atlantic trip on the Polarstern icebreaker vessel.

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